Quilt Challenge

PPQG Quilt Challenge Basics

A quilt challenge offers guild members the opportunity to challenge themselves by making a quilt that meets specific guidelines.  A committee decides the rules of the challenge. The quilts are displayed at the July guild meeting and members are invited to vote for their favorites.  All challenge quilts are exhibited when possible, but typically a subset of quilts (those with the most votes) are hung and displayed at local quilt shops and have, on occasion, traveled to local and national quilt shows.


We encourage everyone to participate regardless of your quilting expertise!   It's amazing to see the diversity in the creations when the final results are displayed--there seems to be no end to our individual imaginations.

To participate please print out the release form (see below), fill it out and bring it to a regular PPQG meeting.

2021 Challenge Theme Guidelines

2021 Piecing Partners Quilt Guild Challenge:  "Challenge Yourself with Crayon Colors”


It’s a new year, and the Challenge Committee has a new Challenge for you! 

Remember how much fun you had as a child coloring and drawing with crayons?  You are going to be playing with them again in the Crayon Challenge.  Each participant will blindly draw a packet of 4 crayons from a bag.  Eliminate one of the colors you don’t want to play with, and you have your colors for your quilt. 

All colors must be solids--no prints, batiks, or shade on shade.  You may add either black or white--nothing else.  Embellishments are allowed, but must be done in your quilt colors.  Complete instructions, artist’s release and your crayons will be available at the February meeting.



1. The quilt must be made completely by one participant (must be member of PPQG). 

2. Only one quilt per participant. 

3. The quilt may be done in any style (traditional, modern, art, etc.). The top may be made by any construction method: piecing, hand applique, fused or machine applique. It must have three layers: top, batting and backing. 

4. Each participant will draw a bag containing four crayons. Only three of the four colors in your bag may be used. Only solid color fabrics may be used, and a solid black fabric OR a solid white fabric may be added to the quilt. The three fabrics in your quilt must match the colors of the actual crayons OR the colors of the crayons on paper. No mixing. The crayons must be returned with the quilt. 

5. All threads used on the face of the quilt must be in the same as the colors used in your quilt. 

6. Quilts may be embellished; but only with the colors in your quilt. 

7. The quilt must be square, and each side must measure between 31”- 36”. 

8. The quilt must be quilted through all layers. 

9. The quilt must have a hanging sleeve of at least 4”. If you are unsure of how to correctly make a hanging sleeve, please contact the Challenge Committee. 

10. A permanently attached label must be present on the back of the quilt. The label must include the name of the Challenge, the name of the quilt, your name, the finished size, and the date created. An artist’s statement may be included if you desire. 

11. Only one ribbon and prize will be awarded in each of the following categories: 

➢ Viewer’s Choice 

➢ First Time Entries 

➢ General 

➢ Professional (includes winners of state, national or professional competitions) 

Jan Seltman, Challenge Committee Chair 

jseltman@msn.com, 719-471-3704 

2021 Challenge Guidelines

2021 Artist Release Form

This year’s challenge is over. Thank you to all who participated. What a creative group of people! This year, the top 8 quilts will be on the tour of our local area shops. All the quilts on the tour will be returned at the October meeting. Be sure to take your quilting friends to one of the local area shops to see the quilts during this year’s Shop Hop! 

Following is the schedule: 

July 26 – August 6, Nana’s Quilt Cottage 

Due to space limitations, only the four category winners will be displayed. 

August 9 – August 20, High Country Quilts 

August 24 – September 3, Nala’s Quilt Shoppe 

September 20 – October 1, Ruth’s Stitchery 

If you were not able to attend in person or on the Zoom meeting, here are the quilts that were our prize winners for each category: I must say that I would not have been able to get everything done for the challenge if it had not been for the help of my only member of the committee: Sharon Signorelli. She was a great help in so many ways. I would also like to thank Kathy Krukenberg for all her help as well! I wonder what the challenge will be next year?