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Quilt Challenge

PPQG Quilt Challenge Basics

A quilt challenge offers guild members the opportunity to challenge themselves by making a quilt that meets specific guidelines.  A committee decides the rules of the challenge. The quilts are displayed at the July guild meeting and members are invited to vote for their favorites.  All challenge quilts are exhibited when possible, but typically a subset of quilts (those with the most votes) are hung and displayed at local quilt shops and have, on occasion, traveled to local and national quilt shows.


We encourage everyone to participate regardless of your quilting expertise!   It's amazing to see the diversity in the creations when the final results are displayed--there seems to be no end to our individual imaginations.

2023 PPQG Challenge:  Face It!



Faces...we all have one.  And that is what our challenge is all about; making a face representation in fabric.  It can be any emotion you want, any face you want.  You have until September 20, 2023 to complete your quilt.  That’s almost a whole year from our initial announcement at the meeting last October!!

There are many online resources to help you design your face quilt.  Alex Anderson on has a complete class on making face quilts.  Freddie Moran also has information and samples on her website.  If you want to look at hundreds of face quilts for inspiration, just go to Pinterest and search for “face quilts”.  Also, in June 2023, PPQG is offering a self portrait workshop led by Mary Lou Weidman -- and it’s before the September deadline!

The major requirement of the challenge is that it must be a human face and it must have eyes, a nose and a mouth.  It can’t be a silhouette and it can’t be the back of a head!  It can be a group of faces, or just one.  any technique can be used:  thread painting, painting on fabric, paper piecing, or whatever method you love!  Your finished quilt must be quilted through all layers, embellished as you wish and must meet the size requirements.  No custom printed fabric and no photos printed on cloth.   Complete rules and entry form are available (using these links) or at the Challenge table at each meeting.  If you have questions, email Jan Seltman at or call her at 719-471-3703.

Jan Seltman, 2023 PPQG Challenge Chair

2021 Challenge Quilt Winners

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