Quilt Challenge

MY HAPPY PLACE by Barbara McCroie
MY HAPPY PLACE by Barbara McCroie

My quilting/sewing room has been my happy place for many years so I didn’t have to think about the subject of my quilt. Machine applique is not my forte’ as that was my challenge. 1st PLACE: FIRST TIME ENTRY

YOU MISSED A DEW DROP by Vinda Robison
YOU MISSED A DEW DROP by Vinda Robison

My Happy Place is anywhere I can create and use my imagination! While designing and making images on paper or fabric I can see where the piece may lead me and I let it take me there. While painting this piece, I discovered an elf looking over my shoulder telling me I missed a dew drop. My reply was “Really!! Now you are going to be in my piece, just try to get out.” This quilt is hand painted and machine quilted. 1st PLACE: PREVIOUS WINNER OF STATE, NATIONAL OR PROFESSIONAL COMPETITONS


2020 Quilt Challenge Gallery

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Message from the Challenge Committee 

June 29, 2020

               As the Covid-19 virus continues to make life interesting for all of us, the Challenge Committee decided to not present the 12 quilts at a guild meeting in order to keep everyone safe as the numbers for Colorado again begin to rise. The quilts are all wonderful and very creative. All 12 quilts will be available for viewing in our local quilt shops, and we are exploring ways that we can make online viewing possible. The committee truly thanks all those that completed their challenge quilt.

Schedule for quilt shop viewing:

  • July 16th until August 18th at High Country Quilts  -- 4727 N. Academy Blvd

  • August 20th  until September 15th at Ruth’s Stitchery – 4400 Austin Bluffs     

  • September17th until October 20th at Na-La’s Quilt Shoppe – 117 South Main, Fountain

 We hope to return all the quilts at the October guild meeting on October 21th. Hopefully we can meet by then, but other arrangement will be made for a pick-up at Ruth's Stitchery if not.

I believe that you will find these entries all worth your time to go see in person.


Judy Druelinger Chairperson

PPQG Quilt Challenge Basics

A quilt challenge offers guild members the opportunity to challenge themselves by making a quilt that meets specific guidelines.  A committee decides the rules of the challenge. The quilts are displayed at the July guild meeting and members are invited to vote for their favorites.  All challenge quilts are exhibited when possible, but typically a subset of quilts (those with the most votes) are hung and displayed at local quilt shops and have, on occasion, traveled to local and national quilt shows.


We encourage everyone to participate regardless of your quilting expertise!   It's amazing to see the diversity in the creations when the final results  are displayed--there seems to be no end to our individual imaginations.

To participate please print out the release form (see below,) fill it out and bring it to a regular PPQG meeting.


2020 Challenge Theme Guidelines

2020 Piecing Partners Quilt Guild Challenge:  "MY HAPPY PLACE”

            Challenge yourself to make a quilt that shows your “HAPPY PLACE” either real or imaginary.

You may use any technique you would like – Traditional, Innovative, Art, Modern/Contemporary.

It must include a plaid or a stripe.  If you are so incline you may use both.


  1.  The quilt must be made completely by the entrant and only one quilt per person.

  2. No panels may be used.

  3. The quilt top must include a plaid or stripe.  This must be a recognizable amount.

  4. The quilt must have three layers: top, batting and backing. Any construction method(s) may be used: piecing, hand applique, fused applique, painted, etc.

  5. You may use traditional blocks but these must be used in an original design.

  6. Quilts may be embellished.

  7. Quilts can be any shape or orientation: square, rectangular, round, etc.

  8. The maximum perimeter size is 124”. There is no minimum size. A round quilt may be up to a 31” diameter.

  9. It must be quilted through all 3 layers. This does include tying.

  10. The outer edge must be finished.

  11. The quilts must have a hanging sleeve of at least 4” on the back.  Please check the internet for how to do this correctly.  If you need help check at the Challenge Table.

  12.  A label with the following information must be on the back: Name of the challenge, name of the quilt, your name, size and date created. Other information may be included ie; artist statement.


  1. Viewer’s Choice  (All entries included in this category and only one ribbon is awarded.)

  2. First time entries

  3. Winners of state, national or professional competitions

  4. Composition

  5. Workmanship

  6. Use of Color

Additional information:

  • All participants will receive a participation ribbon.

  • 2 awards per category will be given for the quilts with the most votes (with the exception of "Viewer's Choice.")

  • No quilt will receive more than one award.

  • A signed release form and brief artist’s statement must be included with your entry.

  • Please deliver your quilt in a pillowcase or fabric bag with your name on it.

  • All completed quilts must be delivered by June 17, 2020  at the guild meeting.


For question or clarification contact Judy Druelinger: 719-574-0535



Definitions: from the dictionary

Stripe:  a long, narrow band, mark or streak of anything of a different color, texture, or material from the adjoining surface: as a stripe of red on a green ground.

Plaid:  Cloth with a checkered or cross-barred pattern.

2020 Challenge Guidelines

2020 Challenge Release Form