Covid-19 Virus Update 

PPQG is joining with all national organizations in suspending all scheduled guild meeting activity until further notice.

If you belong to a group quilting bee or other personalized activity the decision remains with you, but we highly recommend you use caution and cancel all group meetings.

Piecing Partners meets monthly, January through October, for programs and workshops.  We hold a special celebration brunch in November. 

  • Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month,  January through October

  • ​Annual Membership Fee:  $25.00, renewal due in January

  • Guest Fee:  $5.00

  • Sign-in is at 9:00 am.  Meeting begins at 9:30 am.

  • Elks Lodge, 3400 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Contact us:


**Inclement Weather**

Please follow these guidelines if questioning travel safety to a PPQG event due to inclement weather.

School District 11 announces a        2-hour delay:

  • PPQG General Meeting:  
    Meeting will be held as scheduled.  Members should travel at their own discretion.

  • PPQG Board Meeting:                  is cancelled.

  • Workshops:  Scheduled for that afternoon and the following day will be held as scheduled. 

School District 11 closes: 

  • PPQG General Meeting:               IS CANCELLED.

  • PPQG Board Meeting:                    IS CANCELLED.

  • Workshops:  Scheduled for that afternoon and the following day will be held as scheduled.