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The PPQG Boutique and Silent Auction is our biggest fundraiser and was held this September during the annual Commonwheel Art Festival.   We hold two types of sales:  a Silent Auction of large quilts, and direct sales of smaller quilts and handiwork in our Boutique sale booth.

You can help in several essential ways!

  • We welcome donated hand-made quilts, wall hangings, table runners, stuffed toys and many other items which are sold at the PPQG sale booth.

  • We also need volunteers to work the PPQG booth and help with organization, set-up and etc.  As they say--it takes a village!

And while we love donations of your own creation, we also have fabric kits available to help offset the costs of making donated items.  These kits are available at guild meetings.  For each contributed item please complete a donation form, available below and at guild meetings.


We meet as a group on a monthly basis to work together in making quilts etc.  Join us for the entire day, or come and go as needed.  Bring your machine and sewing gear, or if that isn't possible--just  yourself.  There will be plenty for you to do to help!

Workday Information:   Yes, we are meeting again now the Fire Station Community Rooms are open again!

  • 2nd Tuesday of every month, January through October

  • 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Colorado Springs Fire Station #20 6755 Rangewood Dr, Colorado Springs

Questions about donating or volunteering? 

Send us a message at ppquilt@gmail.com